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The most adorable rag doll ever lost its hat again and needs your help to get it back. Rip off parts of his body to change the mechanisms and solve each level of the puzzle game. Discover each [..]

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Ride like the wind through fried chickens, pieces of pizza and popcorn and don't let anything stand in the way of becoming the bacon master. Discover a world of abundance in a new racing game with [..]

Bigotilyo swore to defend his girlfriend at any cost and when the daemon kidnapped her, he knew there was only one way to get her back. Fight your enemies using the weapons you can collect from the [..]

You've smashed so many zombies with your car that you eventually crashed into the middle of nowhere. Now you must reach for help, but it's going to be quite tough because the deadly creatures can [..]

There's a really interesting competition going on and you are taking part of it. The goal of this challenging puzzle game is to reach the target before your competitors. Might sound simple, but you [..]

The farm is a perfect setting for the racers in this awesome sport game! Use your skills to drive a tractor, defeat your enemies and destroy everything that stands in your way. You'll get to collect [..]

Claim the Powers of Echelon in a great action game with magic spells and monstrous enemies! Be vicious and fast, move and attack the monsters taking into account their powers. Some have armor and are [..]

The treehouse is invaded by aliens and you are the only one that can destroy them. You are about to experience an amazing journey, just aim in the right direction and stay focused until the end. [..]

Zombies are wondering on the streets and the only way you can escape them is by driving and shooting them down. Prepare your guns because you are going on a bumpy ride. Avoid the obstacles, shoot the [..]


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